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Galentine's Day Gifts: Valentines under $25 for Best Friends

January 17, 2019

Galentine's Day Gifts: Valentines under $25 for Best Friends

Valentines Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Galentine's Day is the day before Valentine's Day, when we're celebrating our gal soul mates- she gets your jokes, is there for you when you need her, and is always down for a crazy adventure. Maybe she's your best friend, maybe she's your mom, sister, aunt or someone else who's by your side when you need it most. Whatever it is, leave the red roses to February 14 and get inspired by our Galentine's Day ideas!

We've put together a few locket sets so you can find the perfect Valentine's gift for your best friend or any other gal pal that means the most! These make great personalized Valentine's gifts for girls who mean the most.

"Always a Sister, Forever a Friend" Locket Set

Always a Sister Valentine's Gift


Whether a sister by blood or a sister by heart, all that matters is that she's there for you. This Valentine's gift for sister is the perfect way to spread some best friend love.

Forever a Friend Galentine's Necklace: $25

Unique Valentines Day Gift Black and Red Locket

Glam Gift for Valentines

This glam gift is the perfect Valentine's gift for girls, or women! Little girls will be in love with each teeny charm, and any gal who gets this necklace will be obsessed with this edgy black, red and silver surprise. Better than a personalized gift, because it will please them all!

Valentine's Day Black and Red Charm Locket: $25

Valentine's Teddy Locket Keychain

Valentine's Day teddy bear

If jewelry isn't your thing (or even if it is!), just look at our new friend. With our signature locket and charms, this little guy will melt the heart of any girl out there. Looking for unique Galentine's day ideas? Well, here it is- the cuddly bear that no one will be able to resist!

Valentine's Teddy Bear Locket Keychain: $25

Valentine's Nurse Locket Set

Is it a Valentine's gift for nurse you're searching for? Well, it can't get any better than this! Scrubs plus hearts is all she needs to know you love her. This makes a great Galentine's Day idea as well.

Nurse Valentine's Day Necklace: $25 

Best Friends Valentines Gift Set

Best Friends Valentines

Listen, she's your real soul mate, and she deserves to know it! This Valentine's gift idea for best friends will make her light up, knowing how much you love her.

Valentine's Gift for BFF: $25

 Valentine Gift for Aunt

Aunt Valentines Gift

Your aunt has been there for you when you needed it, now's your chance to send a unique gift for an aunt! She'll feel so touched when you give this Valentine's necklace to her. 

Valentine's Gift for Aunt: $25

Valentine's Gift for Daughter from Dad

Are you looking for a unique Valentine's Day gift for your daughter? Well, here it is. Young or old, she'll cherish this Valentine's gift forever.

My Little Girl Valentine's Necklace: $25

Moon and Back Valentine's Necklace

This one says it all. "I love you to the moon and back" is one of our favorite quotes, and makes the perfect Valentine's gift for her. Don't know which locket to choose? This one is so versatile and will make anyone light up.

 I Love You Valentine's Gift: $25

So there are our favorite Valentine's Day gifts for the girls in your life. Remember, these are all on sale at $25, but only for a limited time. Stay ahead of the game by getting all your Valentine's Day gifts now, then sit back and spread the love!

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