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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter-From Dad

October 29, 2018

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter-From Dad

Father and Daughter Gifts for Christmas

You love your daughter, you really do. But shopping for holiday gifts? The costs, the time, the headache.... it's enough to make any good dad go crazy! That's where our unique floating charm lockets come in. A complete locket set, filled with a quote plate and adorable charms, makes finding a personalized gift for your daughter as simple as "add to cart"! And the best part? Each necklace is just $36.99, and free shipping within the United States. Less than forty dollars and gift shopping is done!

Scroll down to find the one that your daughter will treasure, no matter her age. 

My Little Girl Unicorn Locket Set

Daddy's Girl Jewelry

She brings magic into your life, and now you can return it to hers. The quote reads "My little girl yesterday, my friend today, my daughter forever", and comes with these adorable unicorn and father-daughter charms. How awesome?!


Thought She Be But Little Locket Set

Girl Power Necklace

Girl power for the win! If your little girl loves unicorns, then you're in luck! You can't go wrong with magic and sparkle.


She Believed She Could So She Did Locket Set

She Believed She Could Daughter Necklace gift


She's strong and beautiful and wonderful and she deserves to know it! The "She Believed She Could So She Did" plate with our adorable charms makes a great daughter gift idea. Let her know how much you believe in her with this locket set.


 Love You To the Moon and Back Locket Set

To the Moon and Back Daughter Gift

When you love someone, sometimes it's hard to express just how big that love is! This locket necklace, with its "I love you to the moon and back" quote plate and decorative charms, does it well. Daddy's girl will know how much you love her, no doubt!


"My Daughter" Locket

My Daughter Necklace Gift

This quote plate says it all. No matter if she's young or you're searching for a gift for your adult daughter, this expresses love to daughters of all ages.


"Be a Unicorn" Necklace
Be a Unicorn Necklace

Is your daughter the most unique girl you know? She shines like a unicorn among all those other horses! Gift her this necklace that she'll adore.

That's it! You're done! You've found the perfect gift for that special daughter of yours that she'll love. Get ready to become "Best Dad of the Year", because our floating charm necklaces are always winners.

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