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20 Ways to Be Randomly Kind

February 13, 2019

20 Ways to Be Randomly Kind

National Random Acts of Kindness Day Ideas

Every year, February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. With gift-giving season behind us, this is such a necessary holiday to bring warm feeling into these cold months. Wondering what you can do in celebration of this day? Read on! Plus, here's how WE'RE giving back to YOU on this day: go find this Facebook post and comment with an act of kindness you've done. We'll send you a gift card of $10 to keep on spreading the good cheer!

Random Act of Kindness Day


20 Acts of Random Kindness:

1. Make a loved one coffee or another favorite drink

2.  Pay for the next person at the parking meter

3. Visit an elderly relative or friend

4. Leave sweets at your coworkers' desks

5. Throw out trash you see lying around

6. Give someone (anyone!) a genuine compliment

7. Call a friend, just to say hello

8. Leave a cute note in your kids' or partner's lunch bag

9. Think of someone you take for granted and tell them how much they mean to you

10. Leave a larger tip than usual

11. Carry food to give out to the homeless

12. Donate money, any amount, to your favorite charity

13. Smile to strangers on the street

14. Buy a box of donuts for the cleaning staff at work

15. Pay for some extra snacks at a vending machine and let people know with a Post-It.

16. Write down an encouraging quote and hang it up in a public space

17. Offer a hand to someone who looks like they need it

18. Let someone go ahead of you in line

19. Clean your closet and donate unwanted clothes

20. Comment your act of comment on this Facebook post, get a $10 Tell Me a Charm gift card and give it to someone who could use it!


And there you have it! Is there something not on this list that you did today? Comment here or on our Facebook page. Here's to making the world a kinder place!

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